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“In 2004, I purchased a PVC fence for my home from Century Fence Company. Recently, I noticed that the fence was not even; it was raised at some points and lowered at others. I contacted Century Fence Company and informed the Customer Service Representative of this situation. Subsequently, I was told that the warranty had expired, but that a technician would survey the problem anyway.

The day immediately after that first contact, when I was returning from work, I realized that the entire fence was straight as an arrow. I live in an area where the neighbors watch out for each other. Some of them approached me and said that Century Fence Company had come in and plumbed every inch of the fence. Additionally, they poured concrete to maintain the stability of the fence.

I am very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by each and every member of the Century Fence Company; and I offer my whole-hearted endorsement of this company’s products and services.

If any customers should require reassurance of their purchase from this company I would not hesitate to relate my experience…”


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